ISO 17025 Accredited Testing

ISO 17025 Accredited Testing Laboratories

MSR Laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited to perform 16 CFR 1303 Lead in Surface Coatings Testing via ASTM E1645/E1613, and ASTM E2187 Ignition Strength of Cigarettes. Federal law now mandates an ISO accredited laboratory perform all testing of surface coatings, so why not let MSR be your source for reliable results?

Surface Coating and Substrate Material Testing
The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act implemented regulations that require the substrates and surface coatings of any children's products currently being manufactured to be tested for lead content by an independent third party laboratory, accredited per the CPSC's requirements to ISO 17025, and recognized by and listed on the CPSC's website. Let us help you determine if your products meet the CPSIA requirements.

Ignition Strength of Cigarettes
Beginning in 2011, all states will have at least filed legislation requiring all cigarettes sold in the state be classified as "fire safe cigarettes". MSR is ISO 17025 accredited for testing to ASTM E2187 Ignition Strength of Cigarettes and ISO 12863 Standard Test Method For Assessing The Ignition Propensity Of Cigarettes and can provide detailed, accurate results on whether any given brand of cigarettes may be considered "Fire Safe".

MSR offers the following ISO 17025 accredited test methods:
• ASTM E1645
• ASTM E1613
• 16 CFR 1303 Lead Paint Testing
• ASTM E2187 Ignition Strength of Cigarettes

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