Industries Served


The spotlight of bad publicity due to product recalls is something no retailer wants. Additionally the CPSIA requires retailers to make a good faith effort to ensure the products they sell are safe for consumer use and meet all applicable Federal requirements. How can you be assured that the product on your shelves is compliant – do you rely 100% on the test reports or certificates your vendors provided you? With millions of dollars in unsold inventory on your shelves, ensuring compliance to both in place and new, retroactive regulations can be a challenge for the largest retailers. “Bait-and-switch” still occurs even to this day, where the product tested in preproduction may not be what gets shipped to retailers. MSR can help by performing store audits of on-the-shelf product to make sure your suppliers are providing you with safe, compliant product.

Private label programs are another area MSR can help retailers. You are no longer just a seller, your name is on the product along will all the liability and associated responsibilities. MSR offers a full range of product testing to meet your needs on the arena of consumer product testing. Contact us today to find out how we can help you. Call 781-297-2030 or send us an inquiry.


Just because a consumer doesn’t buy a product face-to-face does not relieve a catalog company from meeting all applicable requirements for the products they sell. MSR services the catalog industry by helping them know whether or not they are offering a safe product to the end consumer. Additionally, new Federal legislation requires catalogs to provide appropriate warning labels when the product they sell requires choking hazard warning labels on the product itself. MSR also offers educational and training services to make sure your staff is up to speed on what they need to know when deciding whether or not to carry a product. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.


MSR services manufacturers across the entire lifespan of a product. From the first sketches on a napkin, to forensic analysis of a sample a customer has returned with a complaint, MSR can provide the services you need as a manufacturer. Our range of services include Design Evaluations, Risk Assessments, Toxicological Evaluations, Pre-Production testing, Final Product Testing, Store Audits and analyzing returned products. We can help train your staff in the complex areas of quality assurance and regulatory compliance, or we can assemble a customized consulting package to allow you to outsource these responsibilities to us. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.